The Ring of Fire BBQ

The Ring of Fire BBQ is brought to you by husband and wife team, Ken and Rebecca Wachtman.
What started off as an "off-the-cuff" suggestion of running their own catering business soon became a labor of love - a heart-felt ambition to bring what they do to your doorstep. Together, they contain a breadth of experience and logistical savvy that translates to a commitment of personal, thoughtful service.

The love of BBQ runs deep in the veins of Pitmaster Ken. After spending countless years as the King of the Grill, grilling and roasting whatever he could get his hands on, he decided to "up the ante" and purchase his first smoker back in 2002. Never to be the one not to give it his all, Ken researched everything he could get his hands on in the subject of smoking meats. Experiencing a few early, minor setbacks only gave him more incentive to continue to read and research. Over the years, Ken honed his craft to the point where friends, family, friends of friends, and friends of family were asking him for his now famous brisket sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches and pork ribs at their parties, events and milestones.

Chef Rebecca is a career professional in the hospitality industry and has held many titles over the years. Having worked in every aspect of the food service industry and carrying on a deep understanding and appreciation for serving others, Rebecca has long dreamed of bringing her love of carefully thought out food and service to the communities surrounding her. She has clocked hundreds of hours in her personal kitchen, honing her skills and perfecting every recipe she has developed.

Ken and Rebecca Wachtman

"I would eat these ribs every day!"

- KCBS Judge

The Ring of Fire BBQ

Sacramento’s Finest Artisan BBQ

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